Thirsty Thursday

It is Thursday again, and time for my weekly trip to V’s Pizza and Brew Garden. What I find most appealing about V’s, is their weekly invitation for any microbrewery that wishes to promote their product, to visit and serve great tasting beer! This week, the guest was none other than Tomoka Brewing, a microbrewery based out of Port Orange Florida. They did not disappoint.

At V’s, Tomoka presented three interesting choices. Among them was a Blue Berry Sour Weis, Polar eclipse coconut stout, and a Fruit Salad hypocrisy IPA. Now, anyone who knows me will attest that I am a bit of a health nerd. Though I enjoy a frothy craft brew, I take the rest of my health and nutrition very seriously. Obviously, I am naturally drawn to anything that has the words fruits, salads within the title. Since I am particularly drawn to IPA style beers, the Fruit Salad IPA was the way to go for me.

My first impression of the beer was one of comfort. Nothing says home, like the unfiltered golden cloudy texture of the beer. Then, I took my first sip. The beer has the word fruit in its title for a reason. This particular brew had its share of fruity aroma, as well as taste. The IBA scape is 40, and that was obvious. Unlike most IPA’s I enjoy, there wasn’t much bitterness to this beer at all. The ABV was a comfortable 6.2, which allowed is to have a second pint and still be okay to drive home! My overall impression is this: Smoke, whatever you’re doing to enhance the taste of these IPA’a, keep doing it. It is working! My overall rating for this beer is a 4.5 out of 5 stars. V’s offers these tastings every Thursday. Come join me next week for Veterans United!


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