Traveling abroad, in the sense of the word, is nothing new to me. I have spent much of my adult life traveling around the world with a mission to be accomplished. This trip to Italy is no different. I have a mission—I am here to study Italian culture as it relates to multimedia Communications—however, this trip is different in the sense that he mission is more self-focused and less driven by a higher authority aiming to guide some type of governmental agenda. This trip is by design more personally enriching.

Leaving family is never easy. In the past, my travels had me leaving my four daughters when they were small and unable to formulate emotional feelings of goodbyes as easily as they can today. This time when I leave, I must think of the four children who will be left at home, and my wife who will have the sole responsibility of looking after their many needs. This I know. I do not take it lightly. What makes me nervous most of all is knowing my children will be affected by my journey abroad.  However, I chose to partake in this trip knowing the personal and academic fulfillment is great, and worth the temporary sacrifice. Though there will be challenges at home, the personal enrichment and appreciation I will be able to teach my children are invaluable.

Moving forward with this journey to Sorrento, I seek to gain an understanding of the rich history of Italians and the culture they live. I hope to step into their world for a moment and capture the light from their point of view. I want to run wild on this land, and tell stories of the lifestyle, traditions, and history ever so present in this land. I plan to do this while utilizing my web page, Instagram, and some other social media pages.

What intrigues me most about Italian culture is the love of food and wine. Certainly, those two things go hand in hand for Italians and I want to gain a better understanding of both. In the end, I simply want to bring to light what others back home might not know. Through reading my work, I my readers to share the true essence of how Italians live, work, and eat. It is true, the differences in culture and societal views exist. My goal is to make light of the cultural indifference even if the only sole touched by this wondrous land is my own.  This will be a great journey, and I am truly looking forward to it.

Positano was definitely a “happening” community. I enjoyed both the scenery and the food. The shopping experience is great for anyone.


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